Article I. Name

The Society shall be known as the International Society of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy, hereinafter referred to as ISIORT.

Article II. Objectives

ISIORT is an open-access, international, non-profit platform. Its objectives shall be to promote research, education, and treatment of cancer patients by intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) by orthovoltage, electron beam or HDR brachytherapy; to encourage liaison among the various medical specialists and allied scientists concerned with the treatment of cancer patients with IORT.

Article III. Membership


The membership of the Society is free of charge. Applications are valid by filling respective forms on the ISIORT website, and shall be divided into four classes: (1) Active, (2) Associate, (3) Corporate, and (4) Honorary.

Section 1. Qualifications for Membership

  1. Active Membership may be held by physicians and allied scientists and professionals
    1. Physicians shall be graduates of recognized medical colleges and members in good standing of their local medical community and shall have qualifications acceptable to the Board of Director of this Society. They shall have an active interest in the objectives of the Society as evidenced by adequate formal training and continuing practice in those branches of medicine which are closely allied in the management of cancer.
    2. Allied scientists and professionals (including physicists, radiobiologists and other researchers) shall be graduates of recognized universities and have qualifications acceptable to the Board of Director of this Society.  They shall have an active and sustained interest in the objectives of the Society.
  2. Associate Membership may be held by licensed nurses, technicians, including dosimetrists, who are involved in the rendering of IORT treatment.
  3. Corporate membership shall be authorized representatives of manufacturers or suppliers of IORT equipment and/or accessories.
  4. Honorary Membership will be granted upon proposal of at least three active members and approval by the Board of Directors.

Section 2. Voting Rights of Members

Each active member shall be entitled to one vote on all matters to be placed before the general membership for a formal vote. Honorary, associate and corporate members shall not be entitled to any vote in the ISIORT.

Section 3. Termination of Membership

The membership of any member shall be terminated upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

  1. The resignation of the member;
  2. The occurrence of any event which renders such a member ineligible for membership, as eligibility is set forth in Article III, Section 2;
  3. Violation of the Bylaws of ISIORT;
  4. Failure in the material and serious degree to observe the rules of conduct of the ISIORT or engage in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the interests of ISIORT.

Article IV. Committees and Representatives

Section 1. Board of Director and Board of Trustees

  • The Board of Director of this Society is composed by a President (who also serves as Chairman of the Board), a President-Elect (or Vice President), a Past-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Board of Trustees (Members-at-large) is composed by up to 16 elected members.
  • Only active members can be elected into ISIORT functions. The tenure of office period is two years. Re-elections into all functions are possible.

Section 2. Standing Committees and Representatives of the Society

The Board of Director may create or maintain additional committees or nominate representatives to deal with the needs of the Society. This may comprise promotion of organizational, scientific and/or educational activities, also for dedicated countries/continents (e.g. ISIORT Europe). When creating or authorizing the continued operation of an additional committee, the Board may designate an automatic expiration date for the committee. In addition, the Board may act at any time to disband any additional committee whenever such action is deemed appropriate.

Section 3. Seat of ISIORT

The Society and the Society’s bank account are domiciled in Novara/Italy.

Article V. General Assembly

  • The General Assembly takes place every two years in the frame of the biennial ISIORT Conference. Agenda will be mailed at least 2 weeks in advance to all members registered via homepage.
  • The assembly has the quorum irrespective of the number of present active members who are entitled to vote.
  • The assembly is chaired by the still active president, who thereafter hands presidency to the president – elect.
  • Reporting has to cover at least the president’s and treasurer’s report as well as elections.
  • Elections comprise:
    • Election of the Secretary and Treasurer for the upcoming period.
    • Election of the new president elect thereafter, i.e. past to the following 2 years term.
    • Election of the Members-at-large.
    • For all functions, the Board of Directors has the right to make proposals.
    • Every active member has the right to candidate for any function, also during the Assembly.
    • All functions are elected by simple majority.

Article VI. Biennial International ISIORT Conference

The active President is in charge of organization of the biennial ISIORT Conference, usually (but not exclusively) at his/her affiliation site. This includes the choice in engagement of a professional local meeting manager. The Conference budgeting has to be positively balanced within the respective financial circumstances of the Society.

Article VII. Amendments

An amendment to the Code of Regulations must be proposed by the Board of Director at least two months before the biennial meeting at which the amendment is to be acted upon. The Secretary shall notify the members of the Society of the proposed amendment at least thirty days before the biennial meeting unless otherwise stated by the Secretary at the time of notification of the proposed amendment. An affirmative vote of two-thirds of all Active members present shall be necessary for its passage.

Article VIII. Legal Limitations

No officer or member of the Society shall be entitled to any pecuniary profit or right with respect to the property of the Society either during its existence or upon its dissolution. No part of the income or net earnings of the Society or dividends shall be distributable to, or be used for the benefit of any officer or member of the society. No loan shall be made to or be taken from any officer or member of the society.

The decision to dissolve ISIORT will always require the approval of a General Assembly with a four-fifths (4/5) majority vote. The General Assembly shall appoint one or more liquidators and determine the powers to be given to them.
Upon dissolution of the Association, and after payment of all indebtedness and obligations of any kind of the Association, the remaining funds, investments and other assets of the Association shall be distributed by the liquidator in conformity with the decision of the General Assembly relating to the allocation of such assets. The allocation of the remaining assets of the Association, as the case may be, shall be of a non-profit character, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of the domicile of the Society.