Novara 2016: Presentations now available

Dear colleagues,

I welcome you to the website of the International Society of Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (ISIORT). IORT is one of the most dynamically growing fields in oncology with more than 300 centers worldwide offering this highly interdisciplinary treatment for patients with difficult to treat cancers.

ISIORT, founded in 1998, is promoting the practice and the advances of intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) for treating cancer in a multidisciplinary setting. ISIORT's mission is promotion of biological, translational and clinical research and dissemination of scientific knowledge. In order to allow a worldwide participation, the board of directors established a no-fee policy for membership. We cordially invite you to apply for ISIORT membership, which guarantees that you will be automatically updated with all relevant information about IORT activities and meetings. In order to strengthen our presence, I would like to take the opportunity to invite all the ISIORT members to contribute to the ISIORT Registry, that is currently the largest collection of treatment data of IORT procedures. Finally, in order to intensify scientific networking within the IORT community, we decided to utilize the growing opportunities of new social media. Therefore, we suggest that you register e.g. on Researchgate, where many of us are already present. Follow and endorse your colleagues for "IORT" and/or "Intraoperative Radiotherapy" to take advantage of continuous updates who is publishing in the field!

Together with the Board, I send you my best regards and I look forward to see you at the 20168 ISIORT Conference in Germany.

Kind regards,
Frederik Wenz
President ISIORT